Debuting in 2014, Fayt jewelry is inspired by traditional Native American jewelry and iconic images. We translate these traditional pieces into modern, delicate jewelry, combining the understated beauty of turquoise with precious stones and fine metals, resulting in wearable, fine jewelry for all of life's activities and occasions, from hanging on the beach to a black tie event. Each piece is custom-made, specifically for you. Never flashy, but always unique and eye-catching. 

Our Story

In searching for a wedding band, I had in mind exactly what I wanted, a rose-gold, turquoise eternity band. Unfortunately, I could find no such thing. Turquoise is rarely seen outside of it's Native American or Victorian setting. Though I am a life-long fan of vintage turquoise jewelry, is not often re-invented. In designing my own wedding band, Fayt Jewelry was born. I found that the combination of turquoise and fine gems and metals made for an understated, unique combination that could be worn in any setting. Thus, Fayt Jewelry is literally a labor of love, born out of love.